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Hello From Sunny California!

Hello everyone! This is my patio view of the San Diego Harbor and Marina! I am loving the sunshine and warm temperatures. I am also loving writing this from my balcony! Today's entry will be short but I wanted share this beautiful day with you!

Yesterday, I arrived a day early to a healthcare coalition conference for work. I went to the USS Midway and to South Mission Beach, both a must see if you are in the San Diego area! I started my day yesterday at 1 am so it was a very long day.

It may have been a long day but God was so good! I had the best Uber drivers and I found whole sand dollars - I have never found whole sand dollars on a beach! I arrived early in San Diego to hit both destinations and have time to rest and do an online book party to include my book! God even cleared the rain away and the sun came out! The rest of the week is supposed to be sunny and beautiful as well! God is so very good and He gives us the desires of our hearts! I am so thankful! Did I mention I love Christmas in Cali? Everything is so warm and beachy yet so festive!

I am excited to learn some things from my conference this week and look forward to blogging on my balcony too! I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a great weekend with family and friends! I will say it again, God is so good!

More good blogs to come this week! The Christmas season is upon us!

Until next time,


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