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Hello everyone! I am writing to you poolside on a lunch break from my conference. It is a beautiful day today! 

You may be wondering, why the photo of the bubble? 

Today I want to talk about bubbles. Not the bubbles like you see in the photo but the "bubbles" people choose to live in. 

Living in and only perceiving life from a "bubble" is a protective mechanism. Our "bubbles" shield us from what we do not want to deal with or from what we don't want to believe exists. Our bubbles are actually incapable of protecting us from such things. It is the very things that we live in denial of and don't want to deal with that pop our bubbles and disrupt our neat little lives. Let me let you in on a little secret, neat little lives don't accomplish much and they really are just for show. They are rarely ever authentic. When you live inside a bubble, you judge people unfairly if not harshly. You bring no solutions to problems. In fact, you magnify your own issues, usually the very ones you are judging the other person for.  

I lived a supposed neat little life, in my oen bubble, for a long time. Not only was it not accomplishing much, it was also hiding an ugly secret. My bubble never helped me nor brought me any benefit. My bubble also blinded me to what was really going on around me. Who wants to live like that? I for one do not ever want to live that way again.

I want to encourage everyone today to get out of your bubbles. Your bubbles do not represent true reality and they won't protect you from reality. How do you ever expect to meet who you are supposed to meet or do what you are supposed to do if you stay in your bubble all the time? Your bubble is keeping you from your real life. Your bubble may also be keeping you from dealing with ugly truths that must be dealt with or evil will destroy you - the evil you think will stay outside the bubble. Let me tell you, it won't. It will burst your bubble for you and it won't be good. Why go through that if you don't have to? 

As I said before, bubbles represent a lack of authenticity. A person who is not authentic can't be trusted. When I realized this, I could not believe I had allowed it in my life. How could I ask people to trust me if I could not even be authentic, much less see things from their perspective? 

Get rid of your bubbles! They are denying you real life and real authentic relationships with others! They also make you look like a judgemental, unloving human being who can't empathize with anyone. Is that what you want? 

Bubbles are for weddings, bubble baths and kid's games. They are not meant to encapsulate our lives and cut us off from this world. Think about it.

Until next time,


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