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A Time of Learning and Rejuvination

Hello everyone! I love the ocean! It is my God place, the place I feel His heart. I enjoy every minute I am here! The ocean reminds me of His relentless love for us. Just as the waves relentlessly beat the shore, so His love chases us even more so! It is a peaceful, restful place for me. 

This week in San Diego has been both a time of learning and of rejuvination. God has gone before me in so many way! He is so good! I have had some of the best Uber drivers, eaten some of the best food, and was even able to collect some sand dollars! 

I have tomorrow and the rest of today and then it is back home to OK. I have visited some interesting places and I have two more interesting places to go tonight and tomorrow night, one with Christmas lights!   

On the professional side, in my other life as a nurse, I am learning all about how to make healthcare/publichealth and other partner coalitions work. I have lots of notes and ideas to take back to work and share with our partners. I am learning all kinds of way to help us all be better prepared together in the work that I do.

I am enjoying the breaks to write too, write in the warm sunshine and see the beautiful scenary between sessions! The writing juices just keep flowing! This trip has been very good for me! In my future, I want there to be more places to write like this! 

If you have not been to San Diego, it is a must see city! If you have not been to the ocean, it is a must see! And don't be surprised if you find yourself being lulled to peaceful sleep by the waves. It is indeed a God place. 

Enjoying my God place,


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