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Blog Hop with a Giveaway Starts December 12th!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take today's blog to tell you a bit about my first blog hop! This is an excellent way for me to advertise my blog and book!

I am participating in my first blog hop December 12th-24th, 2017. What does that mean? That means anyone who participates in this blog hop not only gets to read from some amazing authors but you also get a chance at multiple giveways from multiple authors including myself!

All you need to do is visit the blog hop at the following web address between Dec 12th and Dec 24th only:

You will see my blog there and several others you may enjoy as well.

On each blog you should see a way to enter to win a prize. Prizes will be awarded after the blog hop is over. I have a $10 Amazon gift card up for grabs! Go to

between December 12th - December 24th, 2017 only to see how you can win the Amazon gift card! There is no purchase necessary to enter!

I hope you will not only enjoy my blog and subscribe but I also hope you will find other blogs you enjoy and subscribe to those too! I have a couple of author friends and acquaintences participating as well.

Happy reading!

Until next time,


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