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Brilliant Awakening!

Hello everyone! I want to take today's blog to talk about a very special maganize available to you this year from Stellar Creative, LLC and Paula McDade.

I was privileged to attend the kick-off event for Brilliant Awakening Magazine this past Sunday in Oklahoma City. I want to thank Paula McDade, Editor-in-Chief of Brilliant Awakening Magazine and Shannon Nealy, a personal friend, for inviting me. Paula McDade has put together stories from women, just like you and me, who have overcome profound obstacles in their lives such as abuse, sickness, relationship issues, and other personal issues. These women tell their stories in ways that can connect with readers in real, practical ways. These are stories of women of faith who allowed God to work in their lives to bring them through these difficult times. I can tell you as one who read their stories, they are witnesses to how good God is! These are stories of redemption, hope and freedom!

I want to encourage my readers to order an issue of this amazing magazine! You will find encouragement in its pages from front to back! Here is a link for you to order:

The Winter 2018 issues is available now with more issues to come later this year. I already have my winter issue!

Thank you Paula McDade for following God's heart and making these stories available to all of us! I also want to thank every woman who contributed to this issue. In our silence, suffering and evil continues and abounds. In telling our stories and our truths, there is great power, life and freedom!

John 1:5 AMP, The Light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness did not understand it nor overpower it nor appropriate it or absorb it.

Rejoicing with my sisters,


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