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Abused and Used: They are One in the Same

Hello everyone! 

Have you ever looked at the word "abused?"  What word do you see within the word "abused?"  I see the word "used." Honestly, I had never given the actual word enough thought to see what it trully means. 

I did a quick word study using the dictionary. The word "abuse" is actually made of of two parts. The word "use" which means to employ and ab-, a Latin prefix meaning "away." The word as a whole comes from the the Latin word "abusus", meaning "misuse" or "use wrongly." Word studies are amazing and bring much clarity - particularly to a word we hear far to often in our society. When we disect the word, we see it's true meaning and the title of my blog rings true. In abuse (abuse of any kind),  you are not only used, you are used wrongly and you are "used away." You are used until you can't be used anymore, until you are wasted away - physically, mentally, emotionally and even spirtually. 

Abusers will stick with a person or use them until it no longer benefits them or it is not fun anymore - as in the case of the one who leaves or stands up to them. Yes, abusers find a sick sense of play and entertainment in what they do because deep down they hate you and they hate themselves. They were hated as young children so the cycle continues. You only use what you hate and you hate what you use in many cases - particually where mistreatment is involved. 

Are you in a relationship where you are being used? If so, chances are you are also being abused in some way. People can use us in so many ways; for money, sex, manipulation, to make them feel better about themselves, to look good, the list goes on. However, we can decide we will not be used anymore. We can decide we will not be abused anymore. We can break of our silence and be free from use and abuse! We can be free of someone else's hate and hate for themselves. We can be free of their pain. We can be free of their control, their lies and their identity theft. We can be free!! 

For those of you being used and abused, what steps do you need to take today to be free? Who do you need to reach out to? What lies do you believe about yourself or your abuser? 

If you are the abuser or user, why do you do this? Why do you hate yourself? What lies do you believe about yourself?

Use and abuse does not have to be a part of our lives - we don't have to do it and we don't have to be a victim of it. We can choose freedom! We can choose life! As I have implored you before, choose life! Choose freedom! I am so worth it! You are so worth it! 

Choosing not to be used and abused,


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