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He Came to Set You Free!

Hello everyone!

Many of you who read my blogs and have read my book, The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Pain, Hope and Everything In-Between have either come from abusive situations, you are in one now or you know someone who is in one now. You have either been in bondage, you know someone in bondage or you are in bondage. Although I am not providing an excuse for your abusers, they have also been in bondage themselves a long, long time. We can't always see the chains in our souls but I know the One Who can. He shines light into dark places so that freedom and healing come.

Many of you have carried soul chains for years, even after the abuse has ended. You were not meant to carry these chains. The One Who can see your chains can set you free! He wants you to be free! For those of you who have been in abusive situations or are in one now, He was always there. He sees everything. He knows everything about you and your abuser. He will not interfere in the free will of man, even if that free will is used to do evil but He will make a way out for those in bondage. For those of you who He brought out of an abusive situation, you are and were always in His heart. For those of you who have yet to escape, He hears your cries and He sees your pain and He will make a way out! He wants you to be free of the pain, the hurt, the guilt, the shame and everything that goes with abuse. He wants your abuser to be free if they will choose to repent. He died for the sin of abuse and the sins of violence over 2000 years ago. He died for the abuser and He experienced all of their hate and He saw all of their abuse, both what they inflicted and what was inflicted upon them. He died for the survivors of abuse and He saw all of the pain that would be inflicted upon you 2000 years ago. He died to take away the shame and guilt inflicted upon you by your abuser. He died to take away the emotional, mental and physical wounds that abuse leaves behind. He died to take away the soul wounds abuse leaves behind. He died for all of you! He died to set you free!!!

I want you to know that this day, January 16th, 2017, that the message of the gospel is free to all who will hear it. The Love of God and the goodness of God always triumph over evil. I want people to know they can change, no matter what they have done or where they come from. I want people to know that there is healing, complete, total healing from any kind of abuse or violent act. There is hope and He is alive! His name is Jesus Christ! Cry out to him, for He hears you! He heard my cry and He will hear yours! Allow Him to shine His light into the dark places. I promise you, you are quite safe with Him. Walk in His freedom, His Light, His Grace and His Love - they are yours!

This blog and these verses are for all of you in bondage of any kind, for He has come that you might be free!

Psalm 107:13‭-‬14 AMP; Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, And He saved them from their distresses. He brought them out of darkness and the deep (deathly) darkness and broke their bonds apart.

John 8:36 NIV; Who the Son sets free, is free indeed!

Living free,


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