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Get the Yuck Out of Your Life

Hello everyone!

The dictionary defines the work "yuck" as "something messy or disgusting."

We can have messy and disgusting things in our lives. They can be physical (what we are most familiar with), emotional, spiritual and mental. When we choose to get the "yuck" out of our life, we can really begin to live.

What exactly do I mean when I say "yuck" in your life? I mean the emotional garbage, the mental garbage and the spiritual garbage. Emotional garbage can be anything that clutters our heart and keeps us from seeing who we really are or from experiencing real love.  Emotional garbage can come from others or from our own baggage. Mental garbage is the thoughts we think that keep us from moving forward with our dreams, goals and life in general. Spiritual garbage is anything that is affecting our relationship with God. Spiritual garbage can include outright tolerance of evil. When you have spiritual garbage, (e.g. the outright tolerance of evil in a relationship, friendship, etc.) you will have both mental and emotional garbage that tags along. 

**I came out of an abusive marriage. I allowed that to go on (tolerance of evil - spiritual garbage) for a time. I took myself away from the spiritual garbage of abuse before my late husband's death by suicide. As a result of allowing the spiritual garbage of abuse, I had alot of emotional and mental garbage I had to get rid of in the years following my husband's death. Everything from thoughts of abandonment to thoughts of not being good enough (a recent discovery), have plagued me. All of these thoughts are lies. My heart was also broken and my concept of love had been skewed - abuse is not love, it is a lie. My physical body even reacted to te "yuck" in my life. When my husband died, I was a wopping 207 lbs on a 5'3" frame! Do you see what I am getting at? What you allow, even if you have no idea it will be a part of your life when you make that decision, will bring "yuck" with it if you aren't wise. I have gotten rid of alot of my emotional and mental "yuck" over these last almost 4 years. I had to let God have it. I had to recognize the "yuck" was there and I had to let him heal it. I've lost alot of the physical effects of that "yuck" as well. 

I say all of this not to criticize or discourage anyone. We all make mistakes and we all misjudge people. I also want to acknowledge that those who struggle with mental illness are not bad people and they can love and be loved.  I wanted to provide you my example so you will hopefully not walk where I have walked. If you are in a bad situation and have "yuck" you need to get out of your life, today is the day to start that process. Do not delay! There is a much better life of peace, joy, happiness and love waiting for you. Allow God to do his work and take your time. For my part, I did not jump into a new relationship right after my ordeal. In fact, I am not seriously involved with anyone right now. I have dated some but realized some things weren't right in me yet. This is a personal choice so I can be sure I have healed. I want to be the best partner I can be to the next man who will be my life partner. I can't emphasize enough, take your time and heal!

Get the "yuck" out and start putting good things in! You will not regret it and your body will thank you for it! Don't let the "yuck" destroy you or your family! 

Not tolerating the "yuck",


**You can read more about my story in The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Hope, Pain and Everything In-Between. Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and

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