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Eyes Wide Open

Hello everyone!

I am constantly telling people to look at life with eyes wide open. I don't mean our physical eyes although it does help to see where one is going in the physical sense. I am talking about our spiritual eyes, our soul eyes. When we look at life with eyes wide open, we are seeing everything we need to see, not just the physical, we are looking at the motive and agenda of people and groups. If you don't look at the motive or agenda someone has, you could walk into a disaster and you could be harmed physically, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually.

The last few years my eyes have been wide open and I can tell you I have seen alot of motive I have never seen before in people. I even see the motive now in some people they either don't realize they have or don't believe I can see. If you get to know someone long enough, they will show you their true character but in order to see that, you must have your spiritual and soul eyes wide open. Hypocrisy only works when people aren't paying attention. They hypocrit is hoping you aren't paying attention. A person with a bad motive or an evil agenda is hoping you aren't paying attention. They hope you are not listening or watching. They hope you don't want to look deeper. They hope you don't see the real them. In fact, they are betting their entire scheme on the fact that you aren't paying attention.

I am also learning that people who may not necessarily mean you harm but hate themselves don't want you seeing them with eyes wide open either. People who hate themselves believe that if you knew the real them, you would not like them or even love them anymore. If only they knew that God loves the real them anyway! I can think of one person in particular that I want to tell regardless of how they are, I like them and love them as a person. Regardless of what they have done or not done, I like them and love them as a person! Even though I see them with eyes wide open, it is not my job to fix them or even judge them. God can fix them just fine without my help and He is better at it anyway. When we see a person with our eyes wide open, it is not our job to use that knowledge to condemn them, demean them or try and fix them. This approach will not work! You will push them away and they will once again feel unloved, unliked and unwanted. I say all that not to say we let someone hurt us, we certainly do not. I am simply asking when you do see them for who they are, let your motive be to love them and help them if they will let you. I want to say I have not always gotten this right. Sometimes I have judged or condemned instead of loving and letting God deal with the person. God forgives and I choose to do better.

I want to encourage you today, walk with your spiritual and soul eyes wide open. Pay attention to what people say and see if it matches what they do. Pay attention to character. Their character will be around long after their money, fame, work ethic or anything else. If they are in a hard spot, love them. If they are trying to do evil to you or harm you, seperate yourself from them, even if you do love them. If they simply don't see what they are doing, try and speak to them about it and pray for them. Reconcile with people if it is possible; if it is not, you did your best. Above all, let God handle the heart work and any fixing.

Eyes wide open people. Eyes wide open.

Until next time,


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