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Kind Words Go A Long Way

Hello everyone! I found a very creative picture for today's blog. I believe it illustrates what kindness is all about. No matter what we look like, where we are from, what we believe or how much money we have, if we are not kind; nothing else matters. Without kindness, we are shallow beings. This principle can never be more true than when it comes to kind words.

Last weekend at my book signing, I spoke with a woman who had recently moved back to Oklahoma from Australia. Her story was one of loss and unmet expectations. She had decided that Oklahoma was now her home. I could see in her face she was looking for peace. Alhough I'm not the source of peace, I can use my words to speak peace and that is exactly what I did. I also told her welcome home to Oklahoma! Her face lit up! I am not sure anyone had ever spoken to her in that manner, at least recently. We spoke a few more minutes about my book and blogs and we took my card and a few other items I had on the table. She thanked me and left with a smile on her face. She was not the only person that day God sent to me to speak kindly to and to speak life into their lives. I actually spoke with 3 more women who had experienced loss of different kinds.

I left my book signing thinking of the the opportunities God had given me to speak kindly to these women, and to speak life to them. I was so thankful for these opportunities! I know I have missed opportunities before in my life and I don't want to ever again if I can help it. Our words are everything, both what we say and what we write! They have the power to give life or to take life! A kind word can help someone to feel that someone cares and that they are not alone in this world. A kind word can renew someone's will to live! In a world and in a country were so much unkindness abounds, use your words as life and light! Be kind in word and deed! A little bit of kindness goes a long way and pushes back the darkness in ways you do not even know! Never underestimate the power of your words! Never underestimate the power of kindness!

Speaking light and life,


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