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Acknowledge The Things That Scare You

Hello everyone! I am back! 

The topic for today's blog came to me on a plane heading to Atlanta. In fact, several blog ideas came to me last week as well as ideas for my allegory while flying across the country! I have decided airline travel is fantastic for writing and writing ideas! 

I'll be the first to tell you I have acknowledged alot of things lately that scare me. Fear once acknowledged, however, can be the catalyst to get you where you need to go. My new writing journey is a bit scary but I know it will be worth it. I am already seeing results and helping people! I choose to look at it as a new adventure regardless of the unknown.

I have also recently come to terms with some people whose character scares me enough for me to want to run the other direction. I don't want to "run the other way" because I fear them personally, I want to "run the other way" because I fear staying around them will affect my character and how I see others. 

When we fear something, a situation or someone, it really allows us to examine how we got to that place and what we can do to move onto the next step in life. We are in essence forced to look at our life with eyes wide open, acknowledge what is going on and do something about it. 

For me, the unknown of my writing journey spurs me on to continue and is opening new doors. The fear of particular people's character is allowing me to re-examine a few friendships, end some friendships or distance myself accordingly. Trust this process and allow what scares you to move you to act and move into the new things of life and set aside the old things of life. To acknowledge the things that frighten us in life is to face reality so we can move in the right direction. To ignore what scares us or make excuses is walking in denial and setting us up for failure and heartache. 

Acknowledge what you fear today! Get in touch today with your reality so you can start making really good choices and move away from bad choices and people that don't belong in your life. This is the first step to walking in truth for you and toward others. Anything can be turned around if we acknowledge that what is unknown can only be known if we face our fear and keep moving! 

Facing my fear and moving into good things,


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