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Victim, Survivor, Victor

Hello everyone!

Victim, survivor, victor. Can anyone relate?  I have been two of those people and I am now a victor. It is definitely a process and it did not happen overnight. In fact, it has taken about 3 1/2 years. I have come a long way!

*I was in an abusive marriage for three years. I was a victim of abuse. I came out of that marriage not knowing who I was anymore.  I survived an attempt to crush who I was as person. Why am I a victor now? I know who and Whose I am now and a whole new life has opened up for me! I am writing this blog and I have also written a book about my experience, two things I never thought I would do. In fact my experience has opened up a new life for me in writing! 

I am here to tell you, what Satan (evil) means to destroy you (abuse is a means to destroy you and is very evil), God will turn to good because He is good! He can take you from victim, to survivor, to victor! He is capable of turning the worst time in your life into something amazing! I am writing these words to you because He has for me! If He can do this for me, he can do this for you. 

I want you to know that when we are a victim because of someone else's choice, we are not to blame nor did we cause their behavior. It is what we do with the victimization they have put on us that matters. We get to choose. We choose to be a survivor. We choose to be a victor. We also choose to stay a victim. Let me say here I do understand that one just can't pack up and leave an abusive situation -this takes stealth, planning and strategy. I want to encourage everyone to leave safely, always, and go to a safe place to begin your healing! 

There is life after victimization and it is a good life! You can and will survive! You can be a victor and thrive! You will adjust and learn who you really are and you will be wiser. You may even have to grieve some things but I promise, God can and will be with you. He sees you and He loves you. Justice is His to repay! 

I have by no means "arrived" and I continue to heal. In all of that, I am certain the best things are yet to come! No one can take my victory! And no one can take yours! You were once a victim, now your are a victor! Your best things are yet to come! 

Isaiah 12:2 NLT; God has come to save me, I will trust in Him and not be afraid. The Lord is my strength and song, He has given me the victory! 

With much love,


*See my book The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love. Pain, Hope and Everything In-Between 

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