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Some Personal Thoughts and An Open Letter to the Oklahoma Legislature

Hello everyone!

The teacher walkout in Oklahoma has made national and international news. I don't usually venture into political areas but the way the Oklahoma legislature is handling this issue leaves me no choice but to use my words to help our teachers and children and to ask some tough questions of our legislature.

I fully support the teacher walkout. I am appauled at the condition of our schools and the outdated curriculum they must use. Our teachers can't even make a good living in order to take care of their families. As you can see in today's photo (this photo was taken about three days ago), our teachers are waiting calmly and patiently to speak to our legislators about funding issues. This is not a mob, this is non-violent and this is not disrespectful. These teachers, students and other supporters are exercising their Constitutional rights to protest and be heard at our state capitol for the 4th day in a row and I could not be more proud of them!

I will now address the Oklahoma legislature.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Have your forgotten so easily who put you in those seats and in those offices? Have you forgotten you did not put yourselves there? The very people you are ignoring and showing such contempt for have put you there. We the people of Oklahoma put you there. You are cancelling meetings, simply not showing up or leaving early; all to avoid our teachers, students and other supporters who want a dialogue with you. They are not bullying you nor are they threatening you. These are the same people who have voted for the majority of you. What exactly are you trying to do? Run a state government that is "for the people" but not really for the people if you don't agree with their opinions or want to hear what they have to say?

I voted for some of you and I am appauled at your treatment of your fellow Oklahomans. Absolutely appauled! If you are not for us, then what are you for? Can we trust you to have our best interest at heart? Or is it only your own interests and those who benefit you that you seek to satisfy and work with?

And now one of you say some of the protesters are being paid. Is that the go to now when we don't agree with what is going on in Oklahoma or America for that matter? That makes two of you who have not considered your words wisely.

I have to ask at this point, with this type of contempt, what else are you capable of that is not in our best interest?

I, for one, will not stand with or for your contempt and the arrogance you have shown you own people these last few days. Where is your respect? Where is your honor? Where is your compassion?

I want to thank the few legislators who have met with our teachers and explained the new funding legislation which was really a bandaid, not a fix. I would ask these legislators to continue the fight for education and for our children. Thank you for your respect, your honor and your compassion.

I would ask the rest of the legislature to consider their actions or lack thereof carefully in the next few weeks. I see alot of seats lost for you in November. We the people still have a voice, even if you will not hear us. Contempt will not easily be forgotten yet there may still be time to turn this around. The choice is yours.

Think on these things.



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