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Hello everyone!

No, this is not the end of my blog or writing journey. I am enjoy this new adventure too much!

I want to talk today about endings. I have been reading a book lately called Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud. If you have not read it, I suggest you pick it up. He talks about how endings are not only a fact of life but they must be accepted for us to move forward. He also talks about why people won't end things whether it be a relationship, business partnership or mindset. I won't give it all away so you'll have to read it for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

I am six chapters into the book and I can tell you I have identified a few things in my personal life I need to end so I can move into other things God has for me. I am still praying about one thing in particular. I know God will show me how and when to end that part of my life as well. This book has really brought to the forefront in my mind the reality of seasons in life.

Seasons in life don't last forever just like they don't in nature. There are people we know for a season and then those relationships change. We may have a job for a season and then we move on to another job. We have seasons where we spend our money differently. We have to know when these seasons are coming to an end and how to end them. We also have to be willing to let past seasons end and not fight the coming season. Sometimes we have to grieve a passing season. Some seasons end abruptly.

Let me give you an example of a season in my life and an ending.

I was in a relationship and married for a total of 5 years with my late husband. There were many sad and hurtful issues in this season. That season ended abrubtly with his suicide. I had no control over its end and no warning. I had to accept the ending and grieve that ending so I could move on. Did I like how that ended? No. Did I anticipate how that ended? No. Did I have to accept that ending? Yes. I had to accept that ending so I could move to the next season in my life. I have to tell you, the season I am in now is so much better than that season ever was. I am writing. I am happy with me. I am enjoying life and planning some thing I have never done before. I am right where God would have me be!

I want to encourage you to let the endings come. I don't wish any abrupt endings on anyone but if they come ask yourself what you can learn from them, then let go. Endings are good for us because they move us into the next stage of life and onto another adventure. Endings are good for us because they get us out of something that is bad for us. Ending are good for us because sometimes we simply outgrow people or where we are. Welcome the endings! Embrace the endings! God will walk with you through those endings. He has always walked with me in mine. Just as Dr. Cloud says, some ending are necessary. Let those endings come and watch what God does!

New beginnings can only come after endings!

Allowing my necessary endings,


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