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Exciting Announcement: Featured Writer in Brilliant Awakening Magazine May/June 2018

Hello everyone! I wanted to take today's blog to thank Paula McDade and Stellar Creative LLC for this opportunity to write for Oklahoma City's newest publication, Brilliant Awakening Magazine! My article along with several other great authors will be featured in the Spring addition of Brilliant Awakening Magazine. Presales have begun so get your copy now! The magazine will be available on Blurb later this month as well in digital and print! I will announce details here, my site and FB and Twitter feeds.

For all my readers, I took important points from my book and wrote about them a bit differently in my article. I hope you will enjoy it and learn from it. Everyone woman in this magazine has overcome something in her life! We get to tell our stories here! I hope they will encourage, inspire and provoke you to the needed change in your life! I am so thankful for this opportunity to tell my story in another way! Happy Friday!



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