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More Good News: An LLC is Coming!

Hello everyone!

I want to take Tuesday's blog to announce that I have officially begun the process of putting my writing work into my own LLC (Limited Liability Company). I am so excited! I already know what I am going to call my LLC. I have someone working on graphics for the logo design as of today. I will reveal the name as soon as all of my legal paperwork is complete! I will reveal the graphic work as soon as I get some samples and settle on one with my graphics designer and promoter at Elegant Ink Entertainment LLC. I may even trademark the design although I have yet to make a final decision about trademarks. 

An LLC will allow me the flexability and protection to write about many things and take on more projects under one umbrella. I can also bring on partners if I like as well as work with other LLCs like Elegant Ink Entertainent LLC. I also have tax incentives for my writing business and tax protections for myself. 

The goal of my LLC is to share my heart with you and to help as many people as I can avoid the pitfalls of life in their relationships and sprituality. I have already told God to take me and this LLC where ever He wants me andit to go. I will go where He tells me to, whether that be far away or near. I am so excited to get to share this journey not only with family and friends but with you, my readers as well! Stay connected to my website, my FB book page and my Twitter handle for more details in the coming weeks!

With much love and anticipation, 


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