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Some Roads Lead Only to Heartache

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to turn to a more serious subject today. There are many good roads we can take in life and then there are roads that lead only to heartache. I have walked some of the roads of heartache. All of us have at sometime in this life. 

What are the roads that lead to heartache? 

These roads come in varying shapes, sizes and choices. I'll name a few: 1) choosing to cheat on your spouse or partner, 2) choosing to enter into an abusive relatioship despite your reservations, 3) choosing to abuse, 4) choosing to use people, 5) allowing others to run over our boundaries, 6) ignoring sound advice, 7) choosing to break the law, 8) choosing death over life. 

These roads lead only to heartache and soul damage. They do not get you ahead. They do not give you an edge. They hurt you and others in the process. They may even end in death for you, imprisonment or loneliness. I beg you! Turn from these roads! Turn around! While you live, you can change! 

Choose life above all things! If your choice or your road is not bringing you life, make a Uturn! You owe it to yourself and to those you love! Choose love, choose forgiveness, choose sound advice, choose faithfulness! These will never let you down, even if there ups and downs!

Choose a different path today! I will say again the paths of heartache lead only to disappointment, sorrow and even to death! Pay attention to the warning signs! You can make a different choice! God has made a way for you if you will but turn to Him! 

Choose the path of life today!

Walking the paths of heartache no more,


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