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Break the Silence #btsadv

Hello everyone! I wanted to take today to write about a fantastic organization that is a wonderful resource for anyone who needs and wants to get  out of an abusive relationship. I posted their flier here so you can see all that Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence can offer. 

BTS is a non-profit orgqnization based in San Diego, CA with offices in Colorado Springs, CO as well. They offer a helpline at 855-BTS-1777, or text BTS to 51-555. They also offer programs throughout the year for survivors and their families from all over the USA. 

I started volunteer blogging for the organization this month and can't wait to do my next blog! Go to and click blogs to see some great articles from various authors. They also have a Twitter account @btsadv and a Facebook page, Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence. 

Their biggest event for the summer is the 2nd Angel 5K Run fundraiser coming up June 23rd, 2018 in Colorado Springs. See their website for other ways you can donate snd volunteer! They are actively seeking Angel Run teams and volunteers for many other needs. 

Please share this information with healthcare workers, community advocates, friends, neighbors, clergy and anyone who may be suffering in silence. All it takes it one person to care to change a life! A world without domestic violence would be a wonderful world indeed! It starts with you and me! 

Breaking the silence with my sisters,


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