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Beautiful Brokenness

You're beautifully broken

And You can be whole again

Even a million scars

Doesn't change whose you are

You're worthy

Beautifully broken

-Plumb, Beautifully Broken Hello everyone! I heard this song on the radio the other day and I began to cry. I wanted to post the lyrics first for you to read today because I wanted them to soak into you like a good rain. 

We have all been broken, some of us still are. Yet when was the last time you were told that your brokenness was beautiful or that you could be whole again? That you could be healed? When was the last time you were told you were worthy of love or anything else for that matter? This is not a message we get a lot in this world. Our world tells us to “be tough”, “stay strong”, or “just move on.” Here’s the problem with that, you never really get to the root of the brokenness. You also never let your brokenness teach you something if you ignore it. The worst case scenario is a person stays broken for the rest of their life; they never heal and they hurt many people in the process – a subject I will cover tomorrow. 

Another message this world gives us is that sometimes we actually “deserve” what has happened to us – even if it was evil we had no control over. When was the last time someone told you that you were not worthy of love or happiness? I am here to tell you that you never deserve evil. You are better than the lies you have believed unknowingly. When we believe such things, we will fall for anything and do anything for anyone, seeking the very thing we think we don’t deserve. This is a dangerous cycle indeed and one that will only bring more heartache! 

I have been this beautifully broken person. I have been the person who did not feel worthy because of emotional abuse in my last marriage. I have also watched as God continually healed me. I gave those broken places to Him and allowed others to love me. He and they loved me despite my brokenness or the lies I believed and in so doing they brought me back to emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. 

I want you to grasp this today! You can be beautifully broken and don’t let it stop there! Allow yourself to be loved in your brokenness and loved into healing! Replace the lies of unworthiness with the truth of the worth of who God made you to be! Your emotional identity depends on it! Your very life may depend on it! 

Beautiful brokenness does not bring shame! Beautiful brokenness brings light to dark places and love to where there has been fear. Beautiful brokenness is just the beginning of something better and new for you! Let Jesus walk with you through your beautiful brokenness. He has walked in many of the broken places of this world and He still does. I assure you He is not afraid or ashamed of you and He will take your ashes and turn them into something beautiful to behold indeed! A master tapestry! Love, 


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