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Ladies, There Are Men Who Have Nothing to Offer You

Hello everyone!

Ladies, today I want to offer you some friendly advice about choosing a man. More specifically, I want to discuss the men who have nothing to offer you. I made the mistake of choosing this type of man in the past and I don't want you to make the same mistake.

What type of man am I referring to you ask? Consider this list of characteristics:

1) A man who does not work, does not have an interest in work nor has much work history. (Barring a physical reason for him to be unable to do so)

2) A man who expects you to be his domestic servant or his mother on a consistent basis.

3) A man who is only concerned about his own interests and never gives a thought to yours.

4) A man who needs to control everything you do.

5) A man who does not particularly care for your children.

6) An emotionally distant or immature man who does not wish to work on his emotional issues.

7) Last but certainly not least, a man who does not choose to be your partner but instead wants you to be responsible for him and carry him through his life. This characteristic is the root problem of all the others. He is irresponsible and prefers the blame game to working out his heart issues.

Are any of you dating a man like this? If you are, run away! Run far away! Run now! You can't fix him and you are setting yourself and your children up for abuse and neglect. I can tell you from experience it is better to be alone than to be with a man who has nothing to offer you and who may harm you or your children! If you are married to such a man, seek counceling for yourself and your children and get out and away from any and all abuse!

I want to pause here and say that any man can change these things about himself if he chooses. He has to really want it. If you are the man I am describing you can repent, turn around and choose to live differently. You can be a man with something to offer. What do you choose?

Ladies, choose your life mates wisely. I will also say there are women who fit the above characteristics as well so men you equally pay attention and choose wisely. I don't want anyone, man, women or child to endure the abuse of the person I described today.

Ladies, who will you choose for yourself and your children? My hope is that it is a man with something to offer and add to your lives. I will discuss the men (and women) that have something to offer us in tomorrow's blog! Stay tuned!

Until next time,


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