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Speak the Truth!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

I wanted to take today to remind us to speak truth! If you are in an abusive situation, speak truth about it! If you are depressed, speak truth about it! If you are anxious, speak truth about it! When we speak truth, we shine light into the hurting places both in ourselves and others that need healing. Not everyone will want to hear the truth but that is okay.  Just because they don’t want to hear it, does not change the fact that it is the truth! An abuser won’t want to hear the truth and that is okay. The truth will find him or her. Sometimes family and friends do not want to hear the truth about our struggles with anxiety, depression or addiction and that is okay. When we don’t talk about things, they don’t go away. It’s like having a small elephant in your living room and pretending to ignore it. Elephants just get bigger as they grow don’t they?  What we don’t talk about will group bigger and bigger just like that elephant until it consumes the space of our heart and our relationships and chokes the life out of everything and us too. 

Find someone to talk to that you can trust with your feelings and with your circumstance, no matter what is happening in your life. Find someone with your best interest at heart. This does not mean you or they will always agree or that there may not be misunderstandings. You can work through those things. What is does mean is that you will not be alone in your struggle. We can’t be alone in our struggles, it doesn’t work. Does that make sense? If I could say anything to my late husband right now, it would be that very thing. I would ask him to tell me what is really going on inside of him so we can get him the help he needs; so I can be prepared to help him with whatever comes.  

Truth shines light in dark places. Darkness can’t run from truth! Truth sets us free and breaks us out of unhealthy emotional and behavior patterns! If I have the choice between truth and a lie, I’ll choose the truth every time - no matter how much it hurts and no matter how much my pride hurts. Why?  I know in the end not only will I feel better, the situation will work better.  Best of all, I will be free of whatever is holding me back!  

Speak truth today! Speak to the things that want to remain hidden in your life and call them to the light! It may be uncomfortable or even painful at first but I promise you, you will come out on the right side of the situation in the end! You will be free!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Be free!



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