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Men and Women, Rise Above!

Hello everyone! I keep seeing a meme on social media, Facebook to be exact, directed to Hollywood regarding how some of the actors dress, particularly the ladies. It says something like this, “well, if you didn’t want it touched, don’t let it hang out.” I am paraphrasing of course. I personally think the meme is disgusting and degrading. Its message is simply this, “if I punish you in some way regarding what you wear, you will do what I want.” Why do we seem to think punishment will work when it comes to these issues?

I want to challenge the men of the world today. I want to call you to a higher place in how you look at women, whether it is the ladies of Hollywood or the lady around the corner from you. As my pastor says, I call you to a higher place because I know you are too good of a creation to be or do otherwise. No matter what she is wearing gentlemen, treat her with respect. You have no idea where she has come from or what she has been taught or not taught. Be the gentlemen she may have never known. Be the good man she may have never known. I know this strays from the norm in this society. I will ask you, how does a society change if we do not question the norm? What if that was your daughter? Would you want harassment encouraged toward your daughter? 

And ladies, I would ask that you not perpetuate this by sharing these types of things on social media simply because you do not agree with how certain women dress. You also have no idea where these women came from, what may have happened to them or what they have been taught. What if that was you? How would you feel? Would you want people encouraging other people to touch you inappropriately? Would you want people encouraging others to touch your daughter inappropriately? 

As men and women alike, we have to start thinking about what we encourage in this society and how it affects other people. I can assure you that what is encouraged affects others, it’s not just a harmful saying or meme. It is life or death. When women are degraded in photos or in word, it makes it easier to harm them because it turns off our sensitivity to them as a person. How did we get here? This should not be! 

Let’s change the societal norm together! It is long overdue! Let us all remember that we are all made in the image of God Himself and He loves us. He would never demean or degrade anything He loves nor Himself. He never demeans or degrades you! He would never harm you! 

Men, rise above and lead your daughters and your families in this area. If men say enough is enough where sexual and other types of harassment are concerned, the tide will indeed turn! Women, rise above and don’t degrade and demean other women - think of your daughters! I call all of you to a higher place because you are too good of a creation to do or be anything else! With much love, 


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