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His Mercies

Hello everyone! 

I was at home resting on Sunday evening, not particularly thinking about anything. In the “dead space” of my thoughts, God began to show me how truly merciful He is to me and others. I wanted to share this with all of you today because it has truly made my heart happy! 

Over the weekend, a friend of mine was involved in serious car accident that could have killed her and her boyfriend – they were not killed, only minor injuries – the mercy of God. 

I could have been killed by my late husband, Jeff, or he could have killed the police and firefighters that responded to his suicide call four years ago – I did not die and they did not die – the mercy of God. 

Jeff could have been without the hope of Jesus Christ when he died but instead he was received into the arms of the Father – the mercy of God. 

I think back to a dark, lonely interstate in 1995 when a deer jumped out in front of my car traveling 65 mph and she landed in the right lane to avoid killing me – the mercy of God. 

Yesterday he spared me a side collision in Midwest City, OK where I live – the mercy of God.

Two years ago, he spared me a head-on collision – the mercy of God. 

During the Ebola health crisis, we were spared a major outbreak across our country – the mercy of God. 

Two thousand years ago, on a cross at Calvary, He sacrificed His own son so that we may have the opportunity to live with him forever! Jesus rose again and there is nothing he can’t conquer or heal including death! We have someone to believe in – the mercy of God! 

When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, God did not leave them in their new hopelessness, he clothed them and gave them another home. He set one of his own angels to guard the entrance to the garden to keep them from eating of the Tree of Life so they would not be in their hopeless state, forever living with no hope – the mercy of God. 

Before man and before creation or perhaps right at its dawning, He cast out an archangel named Lucifer (Satan) and those who followed him, yet He did not destroy them. Jesus did not send Legion straight to Hell when he cast them from the man in the tombs – the misunderstood mercy of God, yet still mercy; for these beings were part of his creation as well as man, animals and Earth even though they chose to follow an evil way.

The truth is that God’s mercies are new every morning for you and me. His mercies have been present before time began. We may not even be aware of when His mercy has spared us trouble, heartache or death. His mercies are new even when we face trouble, heartache and death in this fallen world. His mercies never fail! I hope these words bring you hope today. Please know God does not cause evil and he will not punish you. His mercy is there to pull us out of the pits of life when we think all hope is lost. He loves us and he longs to help us! 

I want you to know His mercies everyday just as I do. Look for them everywhere you go and in creation around you. If you look and listen, you will see them, hear them and feel them. They are speaking, just listen. Listening and looking, 


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