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Sox of Love and Wisdom's Words Back To School Sock Drive

Hello everyone! I wanted to take today to tell you about a back-to-school sock drive that Wisdom's Words LLC and Sox of Love are doing for the remainder of this week and weekend. We want to have new socks for over 4,200 school children in Oklahoma! 

What is our goal? 

We want to collect 210 pairs or more of children's and adult socks by Monday, July 23rd, 2018! 

How can I help? 

You can email me at or message me at my Facebook page, to ship me donated clean, new socks or you can Paypal me at with an amount you wish to donate and I can buy the socks. If you PayPal me, I will be glad to provide evidence that socks were purchased with the money you donate. 

How will this benefit children? New clothing items bring dignity and increased self esteem to all children. New socks will keep little feet warm in the coming months. 

Thank you to everyone who has already partnered with us! We appreciate your help snd support of this wonderful cause! 

I would like to thank Sox of Love for allowing me to partner with them to do this very important outreach.

For the children,


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