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What Exactly is the Modern American Church After?

Hello everyone! This blog is probably going to upset people of the politico-religious persuasion, but so be it. I’m not here to make everyone happy or please them so this comes with the territory. First, let me say I believe the majority of the American church is made up of good people who want to do good things and so do their leaders. I believe the majority also love the Lord and want to love others too. However, I also see a disturbing trend within the American church, particularly within the last two years. I want to address this issue today. I want to be as articulate and as kind as I can be without ignoring the truth. 

The politico-religious stance of some church leaders is by far one the most disturbing things I have seen in quite a while. I see some leaders aligning themselves more with political ideals than spiritual ideals. I see them aligning themselves with the politicians instead of the character of Jesus Christ. The politicians did not save them and can’t save them. The politicians did not die for them, nor will they die for them. Politicians do what serves them best – they do not consider the Kingdom of God or the character of Jesus Christ. I am curious how these church leaders think this will work out? What if the political ideal or the politician asks them to do something totally against the Bible or the character of Jesus Christ? Then what? I suppose they will get to decide who they will actually be loyal too at that point, God or man. Their hearts will be revealed in this moment. 

This leads to the title of my blog today, the question, what exactly is the modern American church after? Is she (the church being the Bride of Christ) after worldly security or political favors? Is she after prosperity? Is she after self-fulfillment and self-promotion? What exactly do we want church? Social media is ripe with “pastors” and “teachers” who cut down other leaders just because of different political beliefs or what they consider to be “heretical interpretation of the Word.” From where I’m sitting, the only thing I see being “interpreted” is the political stances of a certain political belief system. The Word is nowhere to be found or if it is, it is devoid of Grace and the character of Jesus Christ. What voices are we listening to church? The voice of evil can be sweet and tell us just enough truth to entice our ears and in the end only bring death. The voice of evil has been disguised in politico-religious stance before, all over the world. This is not new. Even the Nazis professed to believe in God, yet God was far from them as we all know. Do you see what I’m getting at church? If the American church allows a politician or a political party to determine what we believe and how we believe it, then what else might they do? Jesus was not a politician, nor did he say much about the politics or politicians of his day if you consider the Roman rule of the time. In fact, the only thing remotely political he said was to the religious leaders (aka religious politicians) about taxes when they tried to trick him – he told them to render unto Caesar what belonged to Caesar and unto God what is God’s. He also called them vipers, hypocrites and white-washed tombs. I think he makes it clear that politicians do not always see His heart nor do His will so we must be careful about who we follow and why. We must be careful not to worship them church – we may be sacrificed on the same alter. I see some worshipping of the political right going on in some of our churches today and by some church leaders and professed leaders. I don’t think it will end well if it continues – not for the church or the political right. 

I say all of this to ask each and every one of you to look at the motives of your own heart as I have looked at the motives of mine. I implore you to let the Word of God and the character of Jesus Christ be your absolute authority, not the whims of a politician or a political party. Politicians and political parties will come and go, but the Word of God and character of Jesus is eternal and will stand long after the Republican and the Democratic parties have become part of history. Yes we have to deal with the systems of this world and yes we need to be responsible and vote for what we believe in – note I said vote for it not worship it. I am not asking anyone to bury their head in the sand. What I am asking you to do is to think with the mind of Christ – how would he respond to an issue or crisis? How would he treat people? What would he say? Would money motivate him? I think you know the answers to these questions. 

Consider my words. Look to your own hearts. Look to what you believe. Consider and count the cost. And most importantly, look to Jesus – He is the answer for our country and for our world. Very sincerely, Elizabeth  

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