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Tweets and Matters of the Heart

Hello everyone! I don’t say a lot about our president or how he handles himself. I prefer to pray for him and speak only when I feel it necessary. I have been thinking about this blog for about two weeks now. This blog is both for him and all of us. Will he ever see it? Has he ever seen any of my other blogs? I don’t know. At this point, all I know is I’m writing because it is the right thing to do, I’ll let God take care of the rest.

Our president loves to tweet. He loves to tweet more than I do and I thought I liked to tweet. As with all social media, tweets and Facebook posts can be misinterpreted because you can’t see expression or hear the sound of the person’s voice. Tweets and Facebook posts although written and not spoken, reflect the condition of the heart. All words do. All words also bring life or death – including those written on this screen you are reading. Tweets and Facebook posts are no different. I have been guilty myself of the tweet or Facebook post that was misinterpreted or should have never been posted. Just as we should not speak in anger, we should tweet or Facebook in anger either. It gets us nowhere and solves nothing.

This is not about whether he should tweet – millions of people tweet – it’s a free internet out there last I checked in this country. His tweeting is about matters of the heart – the matters of his heart – fully on display as he tweets away. I’m not sure he’s given much thought to this – why he says the things he says. And not only the why, but is the statement even necessary. Rest assured he is not the only one in twitter land who does not consider this. I do not believe this attitude of the heart is new for him. I think he has most likely been this way all his adult life. However, I don’t think he clearly understands how much damage it can do now to him and others – what damage it is already doing.

I will now speak to you, Mr. President, because I have witnessed your capacity to do and be good throughout my lifetime. I do not know if you will even read this but I must write it because I do care about what you do and what happens in this country. I will say first to you that just because it’s a tweet, does not mean the power of the spoken word is taken from it. The tweet is simply our tongue and our heart speaking through our fingers and our electronic devices instead of our mouths. And oh the damage we can do! Oh the damage you are doing sir! Oh that you would come to understand James 3, Proverbs 18:21, and 1 Corinthians 6:12! I think it would change your tweeting. I think you would think twice before you say some of the things you say. I think it would make you a better tweeter and much more, a better president. Is it not your desire to be a better president?

Are you always justified in what you say to the press? Maybe you are – they can be difficult to say the least. Do I see you taking your frustrations to twitter when you should take them to God and to your family? Yes I do and that, Mr. President, will do more harm than good. I too have been guilty of this sir with no good return. I want you to see Mr. President, that your tweets are matters of the heart and not just tweets. They showcase perhaps more than you’d like us to see – they give away your frustrations, your hurts, your pain and even your anger at times. I would ask you what have you gained from such things besides the momentary pleasure of being right? I would think not much besides more vitriol from others and hurt. Those who respond to some of your tweets are not helping either – they simply fan your anger and make it worse. When and where does it stop Mr. President? I implore you to think on these things. I implore you to study the scripture sir! I know you can do better if you would but listen, learn and hear the heart of God. While we live, and you have many years ahead of you, we can change! While you are president, you can be the example of change in how we use and interact with each other on social media. Would you rather that be your legacy then the legacy you are making for yourself now? Would you rather leave a good example to your children and your grandchildren? The choice is yours sir! I hope you will choose what is right.

Well, there you have it. My thoughts to President Trump on his tweeting matters of the heart. I can only hope he will read this and truly take it to heart. I hope both he and you will see my heart. I hope we will all choose to pray for him. I hope we will all choose to take our tweets and Facebook posts as seriously as we take our spoken words – for life and death are in the power of words – both spoken and written.

Proverbs 18:21 The Message (MSG); Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose. Choosing my words carefully, Elizabeth

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