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I Am Only Interested in the Truth: Some Thoughts on the Kavanaugh Debacle

Hello everyone!

I’ve had several days to think about this blog. I have seen many things both in the news, both sides of the news isle, and on social media regarding Judge Kavanaugh and those who have accused him of lying about past sexual misconduct among other things. This is not a blog about his innocence or guilt, I don’t know the man. This is not a blog to downplay anything any of his accusers have said or to say they are lying – again I don’t know these women. I am only interested in the truth. I’m going to repeat that a lot in this blog with further explanation so get ready!

I am only interested in the truth in this situation because of the seat Kavanaugh will occupy in the highest court in the land. Those who sit in the highest court in the land should ideally be beyond reproach and if there is reproach, they should be up front about it from the very beginning. My late husband always said transparency should not have to be investigated – and he was right. If one is up front in the very beginning, one will have no skeletons in the closet for anyone to find as everything will be out of the closet for all to see; dust, yuck and all. I will say here I am in full agreement with an independent FBI investigation which even President Trump has ordered and has asked the FBI to speak with anyone who may have needed information on both sides of this issue. This investigation will help all parties and be sure all parties are heard. I will also say I am praying for all things to be revealed for what they are, no matter whose side truth and right fall on – this is not a Republican or Democrat problem nor a conservative or a liberal problem – this is a heart problem. One we as a nation must deal with! We must deal with any kind of abuse in all of its forms when truth is spoken. We must, once and for all, decide we as a nation are not okay with it and will not be okay with it regardless of anyone’s background, status or affiliation! We must be a nation with transparent leaders or we will fall into corruption and ruin as the Roman Empire did so long ago.

I am only interested in the truth because I don’t want people accused of things they did not do. I am only interested in truth because I want men, women and children to be able to come forward if they are being abused or harmed in any way. I am only interested in truth because a person’s character matters – especially if they are going to occupy one of the highest court seats in the land for the rest of their life. I am only interested in truth because it can set the accuser and the accused free – what is not right can be made right. What is brought into the light can be healed. I am only interested in truth because our government must handle this carefully or they will set a precedent neither political party, nor the American people, will be able to live with in the coming days. In fact, I imagine one political party may not survive if they set the wrong precedent here. I will also say here I am glad to see them take a step back, so to speak, and agree with an investigation along with two governors and the bar association Kavanaugh is a part of.

I will close by saying I am only interested in truth (I know you are tired of reading that statement) because the one telling the truth will be vindicated not only by this investigation, but buy their very act of speaking the truth. God will not be mocked. The truth will not be mocked. Let the light of truth shine in the coming days for all to see!

John 8:32; Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Truthfully, Elizabeth

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