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Jesus, Our Hope and Poison Antidote

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Hello everyone! Today’s article will be a follow up to yesterday’s blog; Lies and Deep Wounds. I wanted to expound on the answer to the lies and wounds of our hearts. Jesus Christ is that answer.

Jesus is our hope and our poison antidote. He is the only one who can take the pain of the lies we have believed and the wounds of our heart and heal them. His love is the only antidote for the poison that is sickening our heart and our emotions. Do not be deceived! Pain and lies do not stay in the place they were created – they spread. They spread to the entire emotional being of a person – they poison the heart and the mind. They turn hearts to stone. They ruin lives. They end lives.

It does not matter by whose hand or by what circumstance your pain came to you. It does not matter what lies you have believed or buried deep in your heart. Jesus can and will heal it all! They say time heals all wounds. This is not true – if that were true, I would have had no reason to write yesterday’s blog and bare my soul to you. Time did not heal that wound. Knowledge did not heal that wound. Self-help did not heal that wound. The love of Jesus is cleaning that wound and healing that wound. The love of Jesus was the antidote for the poison I unknowingly harbored – a poison that was quickly changing my heart – a poison I no longer feel.

When someone is bitten by a poisonous snake, what does a doctor order? Anti-venom. When someone’s soul is bitten by the lies and pain of someone or something else, what does the Master Physician order? He orders love. Just as anti-venom is the only thing that will stop snake poison from moving up a limp or further into a person’s physical blood stream, the love of Jesus is the only thing that will keep lies and pain from penetrating the entire human soul and poisoning our hearts. He pours his love into our hearts and that love begins to fill the deep places and the wounds and it displaces the ugly, the infected, and the poison of our soul. I can’t think of a better way to heal can you?

Is it easy on the person bitten by a poisonous snake to heal? No. They have to endure some pain. Was it easy for this process to start in me? I can tell you emphatically, no. It was difficult admit I have a wound that hasn’t been healed. It was difficult to admit I did not feel open to love. It takes courage to say “Jesus, I need to you to take care of this. I have ignored it too long or did not know it was there and now it is trying to kill me. I can’t do it myself!” Can a poisonous snake bite patient heal themselves? No! What makes us think that we can take the poison out of our own hearts? We can’t! You will have to face the pain and the lies in order for your wound to heal. You will have to let go of your pride. You will have to yield yourself to Jesus so he can clean your wound and pour His love into you. You may have to be a little uncomfortable but it will be well worth the healing.

I will say it again, Jesus is our hope and poison antidote. His business is heart healing and change. We are all responsible for our own self-awareness and our cooperation with the Master Physician. He can’t heal you if you won’t let him. We all have a choice to make when it comes to lies and pain – we can give it to Him or keep it to ourselves. If we keep it to ourselves, we poison ourselves and we remain a victim – it becomes our identity. If we give it to him, we have healing, peace, joy and a new heart! What would you rather do? What do you want? I want healing! I want peace! I want joy! I want a new heart! I want my identity to be his love! I am living this today! Nothing in this world can beat that!

Isaiah 61:1b; …He (God) has sent me (Jesus) to bind up the brokenhearted…

Psalm 147:3; He (Jesus) heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Walking with the One Who is hope, Elizabeth

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