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Men, Satan Uses Your Nature Against You! Beware!

Hello everyone! 

I hope everyone it getting back into the swing of things this week. Today’s blog was inspired by a new friend I have at church. Her story of redemption and restoration in the face of human trafficking and other trauma compelled me to write men as I have never written to them before now. I had an epiphany as it relates to men, their nature and how Satan uses the very things God put inside them to do good, to do evil instead. Gentlemen, you will have noticed by now that this blog is focused on you. I also want the ladies to read it so they understand where some of the thing they see in this world come from and who is behind it. I did not write this blog to condemn any man or woman but simply to give you the same understanding I have now. I do not believe all men are evil nor do I believe the majority of men fall for Satan’s tricks as it relates to trafficking or buying sex. We would have more traffickers and johns than good men if that were the case.

Now, let me get to the point. My friend who was telling me her story over the weekend said that men who pimp, men who traffic women or children, have been sold a bill of good based on their very natures – to provide, to protect and to lead. Allow me to explain before this is taken out of context. I am in no way saying that pimping is true provision, true protections nor true leadership. Pimping and trafficking together are a warped version of these traits that are important to men especially. Men are tricked into believing that if they sell women and children, yet “protect them from street”, they are “protecting” them. Men are tricked into believing that provision is all about the money and buying expensive things like you will see many pimps do for their girls. Men are tricked into believing that leadership is domination and control. In Satan’s kingdom, leadership is domination and control so he sells these traffickers the same bill of goods – hoping they will bite and then he has them and the women and children. Satan is using men's very nature against them to destroy them! He takes the good things they are supposed to be doing, providing for a family, protecting a family or a woman, and leading with a servant’s heart and he warps them into something ugly about power and control – into his nature of hate and greed. Do you not see it? Men, do you not see what this kind of warped ideology does to woman and children? They are destroyed too, either through death or mentally, emotionally and spiritually – not to mention the physical damage if they survive this type of life. 

What of the men who buy women and children for sex? They have been sold a fantasy and an addiction – where porn comes in. They have also been sold the same bill of good about power and control. Yet, they are actually quite powerless and not in control. The porn and the women and children are never enough because it is all a lie! A lie and a trap set to catch them and chain them, to get them arrested and to eventually destroy them either in prison or with disease. To the johns reading this, is that the fantasy you had in mind – dying of an STD or at the hands of another criminal who thinks your life is forfeit because you are pedophile? 

Do many of these men have horrific past who engage in pimping and trafficking? Yes. In fact, many were sold themselves or grew up in an environment where the sex industry was “normal” and seen as a viable way to make money. Many were also abused themselves. Their victims, the women and children, have similar stories. And what of the johns? Some of the johns have similar backgrounds, some do not – johns are alike only in their addiction and quest to fulfill and unfulfillable fantasy. 

I call on all men to see these things for what they are – a tool of the Enemy to destroy you, women and children! He will use your nature to destroy you men! He will warp everything and serve it up on silver platter to make you think it is so good – then he will trap you in a life you never intended to live and eventually destroy you and everyone you have with you. I beg you today to open your eyes and see! There is still hope while we are alive! There is still redemption and grace while we live! If you are one of the men I have been talking about, I beg you to repent and turn from this evil! You can be free and set those who you have in bondage free in the process. Jesus can redeem your life and the time. Yes, there will be consequences for your actions but He can even walk with you through those! I beg you to repent! 

To the good men reading this, be ever watchful! The Enemy roams around like a hungry lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). Open your eyes! Do not let him devour you and your family. Money and power are not everything. Jesus is your everything and in Him is everything you will ever need as a man. 

I pray you see my heart today. 

With much love, Elizabeth 

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