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Burn the Ships (Blog title taken from For King and Country’s song, Burn the Ships)

Hello everyone!

I am using a song title for today’s blog because, not only did the song speak right to my heart; the message could not have been more timely for me. Thank you For King and Country!

Burn the Ships speaks of leaving your past behind, not looking back, and moving on with no shame. One of the lyrical lines literally says “light a match, burn the ships!” I’m going to tell you what the “ship” has been in my life. As most of you know who follow my blogs and books, my late husband died in 2014. He was a deeply troubled and abusive man doing his best to navigate in a world he was not at peace with, nor could he find peace with himself. In June of 2014, he chose to take his own life and I was left to pick up the pieces of mine. I climbed aboard my “ship of grief” with not only grief but all the baggage I brought with me from that marriage. I set sail into unknown territory. I have no doubt Jesus captained my “ship” on that ocean of sorrow because there were times I thought I’d drown. He also masterfully handled my baggage. I can honestly say we arrived on the other side of grief and heartache and set foot on dry land – a new journey awaited. I had new hope! The Lord has shared his heart with me about my coming journey, some of it I’ve already begun.

Now for the epiphany. I didn’t burn the “ship” I left behind. The ship represents baggage, shame, guilt, heartache, grief, inadequacy, and unanswered questions for me. It was necessary for its time and the season I was in but I no longer need that ship nor anything on it. Jesus and I did not leave my “ship” with anything. We left behind all the guilt, shame, baggage, heartache, unanswered questions, inadequacy, and grief on board that ship. I have no more use for that ship. It is part of a closed chapter in my life and a past I no longer have to participate in at all. Do you see what I’m getting at? I have to burn the ship. I talked to God about this last night. I told Him we can burn the ship! I will not be sailing that way again, no need to even look back! I have looked back too long in many ways. My adventure with Jesus is in front of me, not behind me. My purpose is in front of me, not behind me on that black ocean of sorrow. I have forgiven my late husband and he is with the Father. I have forgiven many others of many things and I will continue to make things right as I can do so. It is time to burn the ship and never look back! It is time to burn the guilt, shame, pain, baggage, unanswered questions, grief, inadequacy, and anything else hindering me from God’s best for me. It is time to burn that old, rotting ship!

What about you? Do you have a ship to burn? Do you want to cross your ocean of sorrow again or worse be lost there? God is not going that way with you. Does your past have your trapped in guilt, shame, heartache, inadequacy, grief, and unanswered questions? Do you want to be free? It is time to get off your ship and burn it! He will help you face it and burn it. It served its purpose to get you to where you are but you don’t need it where you are going now. He has a new life and a new adventure for you! Your future is in His hands! Where you are going, the things of darkness and sorrow do not follow nor dwell there.

Burn the ships!! Burning the ship once and for all, Elizabeth

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