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There is No Substitute for Your Healing

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about healing, specifically your healing. Your healing is essential to your continued wellbeing after any type of relationships trauma or abuse. There is no substitute for your healing. A person, place, job, stuff, emotion, money or distraction can’t take the place of your healing. You must do the heart work! You must let Jesus do His work as well.

I have seen many things these last five years as I’ve walked through my healing. I’ve even tried to dodge some of my healing only for the pain to crop up again. Jesus is so good at letting us do our own thing until we are ready to pay attention and let Him show us what we need to see. This was not easy for me in many ways but I am glad I chose to let Him show me the hidden places of my heart where cobwebs, dust and cold had crept in. Oh the freedom when you let Him sweep out the dusty, cold places of your heart and show you lies you have believed – this is when true healing begins!

Just as I have seen many aspects and self-instigated delays in my own healing over these last five years, I see many things in others now too. I am not saying this to judge anyone. We are all on our own journeys and Jesus has a timeline for all of us that works for us. However, what I see that hurts my heart are those who attempt to not just delay but substitute their healing with something or someone else. They depend on people or things to heal them and that is a dead-end, destructive road my friends. What do they do when things don’t go their way or people don’t stick around? They go into “woe is me” mode. This is victim mentality. I have seen victim mentality not only used to feel sorry for one’s self but also used as an excuse to treat other people badly. If you continue to treat people badly because of victim mentality, you will run off anyone that ever cared anything about you! And for what? So you can feel sorry for yourself and continue in misery? If victim mentality is your “go to” mindset, you will never heal. If you keep giving your hurts to people or things, you will never heal. You have to give your hurts to Jesus and you have to examine your own heart. Jesus died for all of your hurts and hang ups. They’ve already been nailed to his cross and covered by his blood and they remain there. He has your answer. Why give your hurt to someone or something that can’t heal or fix it? Why stay a victim? Why go around and around on that hamster wheel?

Jesus nailed addiction, pain and trauma from abuse of any kind, fear, inadequacy, and insecurity to the cross! Don’t go and take them off the cross and take them to a person or a thing, please! I am talking to Christians and non-Christians alike here. Maybe you did not know Jesus died for you to set you free from these things, completely. Maybe you know he did but you have control issues. Maybe you are just having trouble believing He loves you that much! Friends, let me let you in on something – whether you believe He loves you that much or not has no bearing on whether it is true. He still loves you that much! I know I may be stepping on toes. I care more for the condition of your heart and soul than I do your feelings. I won’t apologize for that. I seek to tell you nothing but the truth with love in all of my writings and that will not change. I want to encourage you today to do the hard heart work. Let Jesus dig up the soil of your heart or as I heard this weekend, “turn over your pond” and show you what is in there. I promise He will not show you more than you can handle at one time. He is not a God of anxiety nor will His gentle healing give you anxiety. Now I do not say this to downplay the real anxiety or emotions that people feel when they are going through healing. I know several people who struggle with anxiety and God still loves them and is taking them on their own healing journey. All of those emotions are very real but they do not determine your identity. Jesus gets to determine your identity if you will let Him. I promise you the only thing He believes and says about who you are good! He was not a victim! He was tortured then crucified which was the extreme torture of his day! If He is not a victim, you don’t have to be either!

There is no substitute for your healing! Take your heart to the Healer and see what true freedom is found! You will not be disappointed!

Matthews 11:28-30; Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

With much love, Elizabeth

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