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To All the People Who Feel Invisible: God Sees You and I Do Too!

Hello everyone! 

Many people in this world perceive themselves to be invisible. They are doing life alone. They don’t believe anyone really knows them, wants to know them, or cares. When people see themselves as invisible, they may do anything to be “visible” to the world; whether that be commit a crime, take on a relationship that is dangerous, or even kill themselves. No on wants to feel like they are invisible to the humans around them. No one wants to feel unwanted. There is not a human being on this planet that does not want to be loved! We have people hurting people because they have not known love – they have only known hurt and invisibility since before they can remember. Hopelessness abounds in invisibility but there is another way! 

If you are reading this blog and you feel invisible, I want you to know that God sees you and He knows you better than you know yourself. He loves you, and He wants to get to know you! He knows who has hurt you and why. He has seen you in the darkest places. They don’t scare Him. He’s not afraid of you either. He knows why you feel the way your feel. You are not invisible to Him and you never will be! He made you! He knew you before you were born (Jeremiah 1:5a). He wants you to live and so do I! He wants you to know what real love is and so do I! He wants you to know how valuable you are and so do I! When I envisioned this blog, I thought I would write about something totally different but here I am talking to people who feel like the world has forgotten them. God is good and he wanted me to talk to you today. He wanted you to know how loved you are and how much He cares for you. You were created with a purpose and it was not just to exist, make some money, and then die – it was to live and come to know Him and all He has for you. I can promise you, from experience, He is a good God and a good father. Many of you reading this may not have had good fathers or known your fathers at all. I understand that. I want you to talk to Him for yourself. I want you to look at the Bible for yourself. I want you to get to know Him for yourself. I want you to live a purposeful and full life, just as He does. I want you to know Him like I do! 

Fellow Christ followers, we must see those that no one else wants to see – on the streets, on the highways, in the shadows and in the light. We must see our neighbors. We must see our fellow humans. We must see those who feel invisible. We must tell them about Jesus! Let them see in us a life they want to live – not our way but Jesus’ way! Let them see a people who will care for them and love them and give them both a practical hand up and a spiritual hand up out of darkness and bondage. If we don’t do it, who will? Ask Jesus to let you see them through His eyes! 

The “invisible” people are all around us if we will but see them with His eyes and love them with His heart! Do you not see them? I do! Jeremiah 29:11; For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Not my words, His! Love, Elizabeth  

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