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Our Emotional and Spiritual Issues Affect Our Bodies

Hello everyone! This will be my final blog for this week. I hope you are having a wonderful week so far and are looking forward to a great weekend with family and friends. 

After some thought on how emotional and spiritual issues have affected my own physical body, I wanted to share with you what I have learned and what I have been healed from, even this month! I know that my last couple of blogs have focused a lot on healing from fear. I wanted to round this discussion out a bit. If we aren’t healing in all aspects of mind, body, soul and spirit- we aren’t healing. Why be sick when you can be healed? Here we go!

High blood pressure, low back pain, urinary tract disorder, UTIs, generally not feeling well, the flu (had not had that in 20 years), chronic allergy cough– these have been a few of the issues I have struggled with over the last year. Yes, I have struggled with all of them at one time, in the same year. As I’ve been praying about the root cause, the Lord showed me my physical ailments; particularly pain, urinary dysfunction, depression and high blood pressure were a result of unresolved emotional and spiritual issues wreaking havoc on my body. My body was simply reacting to fear, my insecurity in who I was, and emotional pain of long ago. He healed me of my low back pain a week ago this past Sunday. I haven’t had any pain since. He healed me of depression in late January/early February of 2019. My UTIs, not feeling well and urinary tract disorders have not been bothering me for specifically the last 6 months. The last urinary symptom to go left my body 3 weeks ago. My blood pressure is stable with out medication (and with a history of high BP and a family history of high BP). My chronic allergy cough and allergies in general are subsiding. I speak with my doctor tomorrow about all these things. I plan to be completely prescription drug free (BP meds/antibiotics) tomorrow. I tell you all of this to brag on Jesus! He did the work in me and I received the healing from His work in me. This was not just physical work; this was emotional and spiritual work. I don’t believe in magic healing; I believe in Jesus healing. As I’ve given him my insecurity, my fear and my emotional pain, he has made me whole. As I have released unsafe or unpeaceful people to Him, He has given me peace which in turn has helped my body heal. My body has aligned with who I really am, His daughter and Heir to his Kingdom – and not just my body, my mind and my heart as well. Just as my mind and heart are free of emotional pain and fear, my body is free of the affects of that pain and fear. I am whole!! 

Please do not misunderstand me. We live in a world where there is sickness and our bodies can get sick. Sometimes people get sick or even die and it wasn’t because they were carrying around emotional or spiritual baggage, or sinned, or didn’t have enough faith - it is because we live in a fallen world where there is disease. Sometimes people deal with chronic illness, not because they are bad, or have sinned, or don’t have enough faith, or are carrying around emotional baggage – but again because we live in a fallen world. I am going to say here I am pro-modern medicine, pro-science and pro-doctor because I believe God has given these people wisdom, His wisdom, to solve problems and protect the bodies He has created. If you are sick, please go see a doctor. I have been under a doctor’s care – there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. God uses physicians and nurses just like He miraculously heals people. 

The point I want to make today is this; we must look at what is going on in our minds and hearts (our souls) to get to the root of our physical problems when we have exhausted everything else or think we have. We must ask Jesus to show us if something we are holding onto (fear, emotional pain and insecurity in my case) is the root of these physical problems (this may not be the case in all disease). Our bodies, souls and spirits are all connected; if one is sick the others will be too. This is the way God made us, we can’t escape it! Are you holding onto something that is making you sick? Are you holding onto negative emotions, pain, insecurity or fear? Are you holding onto bitterness? Are you holding onto things or people that steal your peace? Are you holding onto addictions? These things make us sick physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I asked earlier in the blog, why be sick when you can be healed? Healing is for all of us! Jesus is no respecter of persons! He will heal you just as he has healed me, he healed my whole person and he will heal your whole person. He is waiting for you to call on Him; He already knows why. He is not ashamed of you nor looking to condemn you. He longs for you to know Him as He truly is – full of love, grace, truth and healing. He is calling! Come and be made whole! Thank you, Lord, for healing me so I can help others see You! Love, Elizabeth  

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