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His Love Conquered My Unbelief

Hello everyone!

I know it's been more than two weeks since you have seen any blogs or book news from me.

COVID-19 has been keeping this public health nurse busy. I've also had my own COVID

concerns in the past two weeks. Now that I have some time off to sit with my thoughts, I wanted

to write to you today.

Today's blog is somewhat of a follow up to my May 23rd blog Confronting My Unbelief and

Finding Freedom. Jesus is continuing to confront areas of unbelief and root out their cause. He

is so kind and gentle with us! I could not be more thankful! My hope for you today is that you will

see how much Jesus wants to love you and do the same for you. He is no respecter of persons.

In my previous blog, I spoke about some unbelief Jesus has already dealt with in my heart. He

has dealt with my unbelief that he can't do things for me and the lies underpinning that such as;

“I can't have a good marriage, I'm not loved or accepted, I'm not wanted, I'm not good enough”,

and that “I have to do things to get love and acceptance.” Now, let me tell you what else he

showed me just yesterday. This is exciting!

The overarching unbelief of “He can't do things for me” was the umbrella or theme under which

all the other lies and unbelief were kept and nurtured. When I realized this, it made perfect

sense. Everything we believe or don't believe has a root and a place we nurture it in our hearts.

We protect what we believe or don't believe. Every lie has a root it comes from and because lies are like weeds and have to grow to be affective, they must be nurtured and protected too. My “umbrella” unbelief of “He can't do things for me” was protecting all of those other lies and

unbelief. It was not only the umbrella, it was also the root. Oh how deep are the things of the

human heart! Do not think you can know everything that is in your own heart, you can't; but He can!

Not only did he reveal the structure of this thing (this umbrella) He was removing from me and

healing, he showed me another lie I'd believed that was interconnected and held the other lies

under this “umbrella” together. Keep reading and bare with me. What was that lie? It came again from my experiences with guys my age as a young teenager. They weren't interested in me so I extrapolated that Jesus might love me on some level because he was Jesus but, he was not interested in me really or my life because I was

unacceptable, unlovable and not really wanted. Jesus told me this could not be further from the

truth! Oh the things we get mangled, tangled and deceived by in our own hearts with our own

thoughts! These things can affect how we see the world and how we treat others who don't

deserve our ill treatment. I say this because these lies have affected my world view and sadly

have affected how I treated certain people in the past. My hope is that I will get an opportunity to

make amends with them. They did not deserve what I dished out. When we believe lies and sit

with unbelief, we hurt people who do want to love and help us and we don't see it.

The Truth is: Jesus has always loved me, accepted me, wanted me, and been interested in me.

The Truth is: He has always loved you, accepted you, wanted you, and is interested in your life

to, all of it! We don't have to earn His interest or anything else! He wants to do wonderful things

for us! He can do wonderful things for us! I love the truth! It has set me completely free! Are you

ready to be free?

I hope these words bring you the freedom you are looking for and desiring in your life! I want

you to come to know Jesus as I do. The One who loves and who does not reject us! You can be

free as I am! You can learn to love as I am learning to love because I am loved! Don't wait! Call to him and He will answer! He is waiting.



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