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We Have Seen a Great Light!

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Hello everyone! Once again I venture into politics with this week's blog, with a metaphorical twist. The state of our nation, and the hurt for this people demanded I do so - too many wounds and much brokenness abound in this nation. My heart breaks! We can't even have civil conversations anymore. This is not the nation I once knew. She is now like a great ship drifting into the dark upon stormy seas of adversity. She is tossed violently to and fro upon these waters and there seems to be no sign of coming light. Her captains of the day are seemingly unaware of the danger and the cost of straying into such places. My hope is to point us to the King, the One who can heal all things – to allow Him to once again quiet our storm, steady our ship, and lead us with great Light and Love back into peaceful waters and dwelling places. So, we begin.

I have watched Captain Donkey and Captain Elephant point fingers of accusation for so long, with no real solutions or revelation, that their cries fall on my closed ears these days. I don't want to hear how bad the other side is anymore. I grow tired of captains who scream at one another over the quality of their leadership while the storm around us threatens to tear our ship apart. The problem with their leadership is they will only be as good as their revelation, and their revelation has been found lacking. They are equally responsible for our drift into dangerous waters while they viscously argue with one another about how best to steer this great ship. We come ever closer to deadly rocks that will smash our ship to pieces while they scream over one another about who makes the best Captain. Yet, neither are good captains or we wouldn't be in these unsettled waters now would we?

With blind ambition and arrogance, they have bitterly divided their crews (political lobbies and donors) as well as their passengers (the American people). We no longer work together for common goals. They no longer look for the Light where they will find sound wisdom. I can no longer trust the judgment of the captains. They have corrupted their purpose and led us into treacherous waters. Hence, I find myself politically homeless upon this metaphorical, hostile sea with a once great ship (my country) heading for wreckage and reckoning. The situation looks dismal if you watch Elephant and Donkey and the dark seas around us.

Yet, all is not lost. There is hope! In the midst of this storm, I look away from the dark seas. I look away from Elephant and Donkey. I look to a great Light that is coming through, and not just coming through, breaking through! I turn my ears to attend to another voice Who is speaking above the raging sea. He is calling the Donkey and the Elephant to repentance! He is calling the passengers and crew to repentance! He is calling the Donkey and the Elephant to wisdom once again. His Light is showing us the way out of the storm if we will but repent and steer our great ship in that direction. I am not the only one who has heard His voice. Many are now turning their eyes and ears away from the Donkey, the Elephant, and the dark seas. They are looking and listening to Him too. They too are politically homeless on our metaphorical ship. Those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear, we have heard the voice of the good King (not all will choose to hear him)! We have seen and heard the hope for America and it is His voice we will follow. His wisdom will right our ship! We will not crash into the rocks! We are sailing this ship out of this storm! Peace will return to our land once again. Bitter division will be no more. The endless tempest of confusion will cease to rage. The Night is passing. A new day is dawning! Even the Elephant and the Donkey will be amazed and at peace. We have seen a great Light and we will not turn away!

Matthew 4:16a NLT; The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light...

With hope,


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