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What's in a Name Part 1: An Introduction (And Upcoming Book News)

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Hello everyone! This will be my third blog series this year! I will also be adding some materials from this series to my upcoming book: Wandering in the Weeds: Lost Ones Found. Yes, I am publishing my 3rd book this next year! I am excited! I already have the cover! I am currently working on Chapters 3 and 4. For those of you who have been with me awhile, I will release excerpts as the publishing process goes along just as I have with my other books. I will be publishing with a new publisher this next year, Book Baby, thanks to a good friend. Thank you Prince if you read this! I am looking forward to working with you through their process! I want to thank all of you for your faithful readership, even when the subjects are hard and uncomfortable. I could not do this without you!


What's in a name? I hope to answer that question in this series. Names are quite powerful. They, like words, can bring life or death. The names we are given at birth not only shape who we become, but the names we give ourselves. Our thoughts are also very powerful, again bringing life or death. In fact, thoughts can be so powerful they can shape the names we give ourselves in the deepest places of our hearts. People also shape the names we give ourselves, for good or evil. I want you to know this today; just because someone has given you a “name” to describe you does not mean that “name” is true nor that you have to accept such a “name”. We have the power to not only control our thoughts, but to determine the “names” we internalize (not to mention who gets to speak those “names” into our lives).

So, what exactly is in a name? More than you know. Names shape our identities and how we view ourselves. Thoughts shape our names. I have realized just how much these two things are connected. I have also become aware of how much the wrong names and thoughts have affected me for the last 35 years. I don't want it to be 35 years before you realize you have been entertaining the wrong “names” and thoughts. I want better for you.

My hope and prayer is that this blog series will not only be thought provoking, but that these words will set many free from the “names” and thoughts that have held them captive for many years. The truth is we've all built little fortrices in our minds with our thoughts and our

“names”, mostly to our detriment. I want to take this series and expose those fortrices for what they are – obstacles and lies to distract you from the true you (thank you Pastor Steve if you read this) and your true destiny. These fortrices can be destroyed. These names can be denounced and released! You can begin again with new thoughts and new names. You are not who or what your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, spouse, employer, or society said you are! You are who God created you to be and your purpose goes far beyond the false names (and identities) they gave you. You can be free of their lies!

I invite all who read this series to think about the names and thoughts that occupy your mind. Are they giving you life, direction, and purpose or are they death and confusion to you? You were made for life, direction and purpose. Death and confusion are not for you. It's time to find out what's in your name(s). It's time for a hard look at yourself. It's time to know who you are. It's time to be free. Are you ready?



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