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The More I Write, the More I Love It!

Hello everyone!

I never thought I would enjoy writing this much! I enjoy not only getting my thoughts on paper (well the computer screen) but also being able to share them!

I also enjoy getting to meet other writers and read their stories. I met such a writer not long ago. I have read her story and it will help many people indeed! Speaking of helping people, I love that my writing and other's writing can help people!

Writing validates feelings and is quite therapeutic to be honest. It makes you think about what is really going on with you. I have used writing to grieve and tell my story. My hope is that my blogs and my book can also validate other's feelings and even help them grieve if necessary.

Writing gives you a window into someone's heart. I love to share my heart! When we share our heart we can touch a heart; when we touch a heart, we can change a life! Writing allows me and others to give a piece of ourselves to this world. Perhaps we can bring a smile to someone or let them know they are not alone.

Writing is my gift, and for many years, I did not use it well. I would implore you if writing is your gift, use it well. I will use it well from this point forward. I will use it to give of myself to this broken world and to encourage others and bring healing where there is pain. I will use it to shine light in dark places. I will use to show the love God has for all people.

Not only do I love writing the more I write, I understand what its purpose is in my life now and I can't turn back from that. You can hold me to that.

Writing for the good of all,


**To learn more about my book and blogs go to

**My book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes,

Audible. com and and the Kobo app which will allow the electronic version to be read on any mobile or desktop device.

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