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Love, Time, Death

Hello everyone! I wanted to start today's short blog with a quote from the best movie of the year in my opinion, "We all search for love, we wish we had more time and we fear death." Collateral Beauty

Love, death and time. Three of the most important parts of the human experience. God gave us the gifts of love and time. Death is part of this fallen world. Two of the three we can't escape and we all need one of the three to feel accepted and to feel a part of something.

God can use love, death and time to teach us many things. I found time to be a friend in grieving. Time is a very good friend if used wisely. I found love to be my anchor in dark times, for love is woven into all things. Love can't fail. I found that there is life and love even after death.

I also found joy. Joy even after death. Joy in love. Joy in life. Joy in the time to heal. Joy was and is my collateral beauty.

May we all continue to love and look for love in all things. May we all use our gift of time wisely. Let us not fear death. Jesus conquered death for us and He sits at the Father's right hand. Death can only be temporary.

Until next time,


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