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Book News!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to provide you with some book info for you new year as well as an announcement!

My hope, as always, is that my book brings hope and shines light into dark places. I want people to be free!

Here is the full ist of places you can find my book: (paperback/digital); Barnes and Noble online and you can have them order it at the store (paperback/digital), iTunes (digital), (audio digital); and the Kobo app for all of your electronic devices, Books a Million (BAM), Russell Books (Canada), McNally Robinson Books (Canada) and now !ndigo (Canada).

I also have 9 paperback books left that my publisher sent me. I am going to be selling these at the discounted price of $10.00 per book.

If you are interested in a book, please email me at the email address associated with my author page and book blog or you can contact me at my book page on FB, The Road Less Traveled by Elizabeth Billingsley or on FB Messsenger at Elizabeth Billingsley. We will work out payment and mailing.

Thank you all again for reading my blogs posts and my book and sharing these with those you love!

Until next time,


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