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God's Best

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

Did you know that God has His best for you in mind always? He never stops thinking good thoughts about you and never stops planning good things for you. He doesn't want our lives to be okay, he wants them to be abundant and overflowing.

How do we know what God's best is in our daily lives and in the decisions we make?

His very words, the Bible, tells us how He thinks about many things as well as how we can make the best decisions. He can also speak to us because He is very much alive! He speaks to us in many ways - through others, through the Bible, and in our minds and conscience (something we may not have thought of) and our hearts (that still small voice). He never shouts or pressures you, and He won't.

I can tell you, if you are being pressed to make a decision in a hurry or getting in a hurry, it's not Him. Hurried decisions and hurried lives are not God's best. I have lived like this. I have hurried into financial decisions (disasater!) and hurried into relationships. (disaster!) Frankly, it's not worth it. Also, we must decipher between what we want for us and what God wants for us. Many times the two are quite different. I can promise you what God wants for you is infinitely better than anything you could ever want for yourself. He knows you best because He made you.

I want to encourage you today to pursue God's best for you, not just your idea of okay. God's best will bring you an abundant, overflowing, joyful life. Everything else is just "blah" compared to that in my opinion.

Pursuing God's best and nothing else,


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