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Relationships Change

Hello everyone!

Have you ever noticed how your relationships change? They can change from year to year, month to month or even day to day.

Relationship change can be good and bad. Sometimes two people just grow apart. Sometimes, life takes them in different directions. And other times, breaking off a relationship is just better for you and them.

Relationship change can be scary, especially if it's a long time friend or someone you love. Even a new romantic relationship can be scary because you don't know what to expect. As someone who feels ready to date again, this is where I'm at. I'm a little scared but I'll work through that.

What am I saying in all of this? I am saying don't be afraid of change, even if it seems bad. Sometimes removing a relationship from our lives is a blessing in disguise. Don't be afraid to let people in, afterall we all need to be loved and wanted. We all need connection. Never judge a book by it's cover, you just never know.

I want to encourage you in your relationships, seek out people who will build you up and help you in this life. Seek out companions to do life with. Seek out people who give, not take. Seek out people who may think differently than you, it helps you learn and grow. For your romantic relationships, seek out someone who loves who they are so they can love you.

Relationships are designed to change. They will change inevitably. We must all learn from the good and the bad this brings to us. And more importantly, we must not be afraid to connect with people. We must also not be afraid to disconnect from people who harm us.

I believe as we navigate our relationships we become better people. We expand our world and we know more of what we want in life.

Be the best person you can be in all of your relationships and let them change as they need to change. You and others will be better for it.

Until next time,


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