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Just Because You Can Make a Choice Does Not Make You Free

Hello everyone!

God gave us choice (free will) and the ideals of freedom. However, it would seem to me these days people are getting choice and freedom mixed up. They are also using their choices to hurt others which is not freedom, it's just another form of selfishness.

Yes in our great country we all can make choices (with our free will) and we associate that with political freedom. But just because you make a choice, does that make you free?

Yes you are free to make choices, but that does not mean you are trully free. Is an addict free? It doesn't matter the addiction. They chose to use the drug or drink the alcohol or do whatever it is they wanted to do but are they free? I would say no. They are a slave to their addiction which does not make them at all free. Ask any former addict.

There is alot more to freedom than just choices. There are consequences and responsibility. Let me provide an extreme example to illustrate my point. No one can keep you from murdering someone per say. You are free to make that choice in your own mind and then carry out that action correct? However, what happens after that? If you are caught, you go to jail or you are executed because the law says murder is wrong. Here is your consequence and laws hold you responsible. Now what about the person who doesn't get caught? There may be no visible responsibility taken but that person has to live with themselves the rest of their life (their consequence) and it will most likely not be the last time they kill. They made a choice with their free will but are they trully free? No, they will always know what they did and most likely do this again which just further makes them a slave to their action of choice.

We need to look at our choices in our everyday lives and determine if we are using our freedom to make those choices to help or hurt others. What are those choices doing to us? Are they freeing choices or are they making us slaves to things we can't handle or control? Are we taking responsibility for our choices or are we attempting to escape responsibility? Have we considered the consequences for our choices? There will always be consequences, either now or later. These are universal laws none of us can escape and we did not create them to begin with, God did.

This statement is the title to this blog and I will say it again here, just because you can make a choice does not make you free. Think about it.

Until next time,


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