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Hello everyone!

What is beauty? Beauty has many definitions in this world, not all of which are favorable. Some are quite shallow. 

I think beauty goes much further than just how we look or our body type.  Good character and selflessness are beautiful. Love for others is beautiful. A happy heart is beautiful. 

Beauty is not so much in how we look as it is in who we are and how we treat people. A mean, selfish person is an ugly person because their heart is ugly, no matter how pretty or handsome they are on the outside. 

I recently heard the song Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara. I would encourage everyone to listen to it. Her words speak to this very thing quite well. 

The bottom line is you are beautiful for who you are, no what you look like or what you have. What we have and want we look like could be gone tomorrow. Physical beauty and financial stability are not guaranteed in this world.

Look for the inward beauty in everyone you meet. If others refuse to see the beauty of who you really are, find some new friends. Life is too short to live with shallow people. 

Beauty is so much more than skin deep. And remember, God made you and He thinks you are beautiful regardless of what anyone says or does or even thinks. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are garbage! Don't ever let anyone treat you like you are garbage! You are and will always be beautiful in His eyes! 

Until next time,


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