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Social Media and Website Insights

Hello everyone!

I love my blog and website and the opportunities that social media provides for me to share my writing and information about my book with you.

I wanted to highlight some things I have learned from my website and social media presence. I also want to thank all of you for following me on social media, following my blogs and visiting my website!


My website insights: Site views- 1,282, post views - 1,194 with 3 post shares

Most popular blog post: This is Why Telling My Story Matters

Social media:

My book videos on Youtube have been viewed over 3254 times for 3 videos combined! The audio intro was added to Youtube on January 27th, 2017. Exciting! Here are the links if you want to see them: (my interview) (audio intro)

Thank you all very much!!

Until next time,


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