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When You Don't Know How To Feel

Hello everyone!

Have you ever not known how you feel about something? When someone asks you about it, you come up meh or you simply don't have any words or feelings?

I'm there now about a few things. I just don't know how I feel or if I'm suppossed to feel anything. It's kind of weird for me because I can usually pinpoint how I'm feeling about something. I don't feel lost or afraid but I'd like to figure this out. This is honestly a first for me. Maybe I'm just older and more cautious. This bugs me because I can't pintpoint why I don't know how I feel and I would love to know why!

I have decided in that last fewe days instead of worrying myself about it or trying to force myself to feel something, I have turned over this odd thing (at least for me) to God. He knows what is really going on inside my head and heart. He sees things we don't see. He knows the answer. He also knows how I will ultimately feel as time goes by.

I want to encourage you if you don't know how you feel about something, give it time and let God work on you and work in the situation. I am interested to see what the final outcome will be for me. I know God has the best in mind for me and I know He works all things for my good so how can the outcome not be good?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and keep trusting Him!

Until next time,


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