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When You Aren't Loved Unconditionally

Hello everyone! Blogs are back. I am feeling so much better!

I wanted to write today about love with Valentine's Day right around the corner, specifically conditional and unconditional love.

I was reading something hanging on the wall today at home about unconditional love. It reminded me of God's unconditional love for me, the uncondutional love of my family and several close friends. Yet, it also reminded me of those who have been unable or unwilling to love me unconditionally. This thought honestly brought tears because I had loved them unconditionally. 

We all have had people in our lives who could only love based on rules, on condition. Most likely because that is the only way they were ever loved themselves. One can not do, what one does not know. That is why it is so very important to love as God loves, unconditionally. We never know who has not known that kind of love. I know it is painful to not have been loved unconditionally. Let God heal that pain with His unconditional love for you. He can teach you how to love, even if you have never known love. He loves you!! 

I want to encourage you to know and believe that love never fails!! It is the greatest of all things!! Pay attention to people, see them, listen to them and watch your words. Let them see Jesus in you for He is perfect love! 

Never giving up love,


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