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One Book Signing Down, More to Come!

Hello everyone!

My first book signing was this past Saturday at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Norman, OK. I am pictured here with one of my best friend's, Donna, and my book and displays.

We had a great time networking, talking to other authors, sharing business cards and even some books were sold! I was especially thankful for the opportunity to bless one lady in particular with my story and be able to talk to others about my story. God is so good!

I will be doing another book signing on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 at Barnes and Noble Bookstores at 6100 N May Avenue in OKC from 2-4 pm that day. I will have a FB invite and event page coming soon as well as a Twitter link and I will share those thing in a blog as well here and on my book page and OWFI (Oklahoma Writer's Federation Inc.) pages.

Thank you to everyone who shared my event for last Saturday! I am excited about future events with Elegant Ink Entertainment LLC as well! I will keep my readers posted!

Thank you as always,


**f you prefer to buy your book ahead of time and bring it to the signing in June or any other signing I have, you can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online in paperback. You can also find my book in digital format for Nook, Kindle, iTunes and the Kobo app. also provides an audio version.

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