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Fearlessness is not Feminism

Hello everyone!

I read an article online yesterday that floored me. A media personality was concered about a statue called Fearless Girl and third wave radical feminism. Yet from his tone he never thought about the fact there are times a woman has to be fearless. She doesn't have a choice. Fearlessness is not radical feminism, it's just simply a character trait they have hijacked.

A women has to be fearless in the face of abuse. A women has to be fearless in the face of fighting for her dignity, her life, her sanity and her children's lives. I have been there and I know others who have as well. Just because a woman is fearless, that does not make her a radical feminist. That makes her who God wanted her to be in the first place, a woman of integrity who does what is right, regardless of the odds or what anyone else thinks - this makes a woman fearless. This kind of woman is free to be the lioness God intended her to be! This is a woman not defined by feminism or any other kind of -ism.

I want to take a minute to tell you about radical feminism. Radical feminism has strayed far from pure feminism's original intent of its founders, equal pay for equal work and equal political rights. Radical feminism does not define women, although it desperately tries to be the voice for all of us as well as put itself out there on "our behalf". Radical feminism is a farce, designed to take your fearlessness not give it to you - designed to make you a slave to ideology, not free you from it. Afterall, if you don't agree with them, you are not a true woman they say. I don't believe that is a group that is speaking on "my behalf" as a woman, do you? My heart is broken for this group. They are miserable, hurting women who don't even know they are better than this and can do better. They don't frighten me - they are actually full of fear themselves, hence their hurtful actions and hurtful words. I would like to help them really "see" beyond their fear into the wonderful women God has made them to be. Church, this is our purpose! To help those who do not see to see!

I want to encourage all women everywhere to be the fearless lionessess God has intended you to be! All you have to do is be kind, honest, compassionate, and real with those around you. All you have to do is stand up for what is good and just. This is radical love! You don't need an -ism to do that.

Walking fearlessly,


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