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The Stolen People

Hello everyone! The pictures above illustrate Iran pre-1979, pre-Ayatollah Khomeini , pre-Taliban, pre-ISIS. Men and women were free. Free to think, free to learn, free to live. This picture also illustrates post 1979, Iran today. An Iran without light, without joy and without freedom.

A stark contrast isn't it?

I chose these pictures because I thought it would best illustrate these differences. An entire group of people have been stolen, stolen by a radical, dangerous, violent, oppressive ideology. Sharia Law is radical, dangerous, violent, oppressive ideology. It is ISIS. It is the Taliban. It is the very face of evil. It has stolen these people and robbed them of their freedom to think and to be human. How did the world let this happen? Were we blind? Are we even blind now? I have only come to a clearer understanding of this in the past few weeks myself. My eyes have definitely been opened.

Wake up America! Wake up Europe! Wake of planet Earth! See who seeks to take your very life and freedom from you! See what you have not wanted to see for over 30 years!

Wake up! Light is shining into darkness and the darkness will not overcome it!

Let's take back the stolen people!

Continually finding my voice,


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