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Progress and Delay

Hello all!

I wanted to take today to tell you about progess with my health and to give you some book news.

I have seen some progress with my health in the last few days. I have an appointment with a specialist next week. God took care of me, someone cancelled. This particular doctor was booked several months out. All tests have also come back good. I am hoping to get this resolved completely next week. I have a peace about this and feel really good not only about this but about life in general.

I will have another book signing at Barnes and Noble in Oklahoma City - I will be blogging about it as well as advertising on social media. I will also be setting up a book signing with the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library system. More details to come on social media, this blog and book page!

The promoter cancelled the October event - Freaky Book Bang.

Keep watching my Facebook book page, The Road Less Traveled by Elizabeth Billinglsey, this author page, my blog, and my Twitter account @pianobeth1, for details and news!

I am having to delay some fitness goals, perhaps a few weeks but have been able to do little things to stay in shape. I am thankful for this.

God is still good and He is still faithful! I am trusting Him!

Until next time,


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